IT security critical for SMEs

Friday, 9 January 2004, 3:33 PM EST

Possibly the most critical aspect of any small to medium enterprise's (SME's) information technology infrastructure is the security of that system.

That's according to Zea Silva, security business unit manager at independent IT solutions company, First Technology.

"While many believe that simply installing a firewall provides adequate protection to the organisation's information, this is by far not the be-all and end-all of a security solution," she warns.

Certainly, a firewall provides some protection from unauthorised intruders like hackers and is thus always recommended from the start. But simply deploying a firewall does not protect the network. The device or software must be implemented and maintained according to the SME's security policies, which are developed specifically by each company to meet its unique requirements.

"The policies established on the firewall software or device determine the level of protection afforded to the network, and indeed, whether or not the firewall will serve its purpose at all. Correct configuration of the required policies and metrics is essential," she states.

By Zea Silva at ITWeb.

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