Worms quiet in October

Wednesday, 5 November 2003, 11:12 AM EST

In the aftermath of the virus double whammy that was Sobig and Blaster that wreaked havoc on e-mail systems during the late summer, analysts and antivirus experts were primed for another outbreak on the same scale, which has so far failed to materialize, leaving October's virus chart spilling over with old 'favorites'.

The chart shows the top 10 viruses reported to antivirus company Sophos over the month of October--with the top three showing no change from September.

The top two malware masquerade as Microsoft security updates, taking advantage of users' fears to get them to open an attachment containing a virus by dressing it up as a new patch from the software giant.

The only new entry this month is a virus named CoreFloo.C. Carole Theriault, security consultant at Sophos described the newbie in a statement as "a Trojan which allows a remote intruder to access and control a computer via Internet Relay Chat (IRC)", adding "this is the first time this year that a Trojan has made it into the top 10 which is dominated by Windows 32 viruses".

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