Taking back control of your network bandwidth

Friday, 24 October 2003, 12:21 PM EST

You canít manage what you canít see. So itís not surprising that with corporate networks congested more and more by P2P, streaming media, and other ďleisureĒ traffic, network admins are increasingly turning to specialized network management software packages and appliances to give them the information they need to take back control of their bandwidth.

Of course, if your network is uncongested, network logons are quick, and users find all their business applications are running at top speed, then youíre probably not too concerned about a handful of people using KazaA somewhere in your organization.

Sadly, though, this ideal state of affairs is rarely witnessed, except perhaps in administratorsí dreams. The truth is that most corporate networks carry far more network-clogging leisure traffic than they can cope with. Thatís because leisure apps are often particularly aggressive bandwidth users.

The key concern here is that mission-critical applications get the bandwidth they need at all times. Beyond that, itís also important that other applications that enable users to do productive work run at acceptable speeds.

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