Security problems could destroy Microsoft

Thursday, 25 September 2003, 10:14 AM EST

Mitch Wagner writes:

"Many of you are sure that I am an idiot. Some of you are sure that I am an idiot because I'm in love with Microsoft. Another group is sure that I am an idiot because of my irrational HATRED of Microsoft I really wish both of these groups would get together and reach a consensus. It shouldn't be that hard -- after all, there is one thing you all DO agree on.

In fact, I have a deep-seated admiration and liking for Microsoft. More than any other company, Microsoft has made the PC and Internet into mainstream phenomena, both for businesses and consumers. Microsoft will agree with this and say they did it through innovating and developing great products, but this is a load of manure. Microsoft hasn't made any significant innovations, they wait until other people have developed products and markets and then they move in and take over. Microsoft's products are virtually never the best at what they do. But Microsoft's products are usually good enough to do the job, and they're cheaper than the competition. Also, it's easier and cheaper to find IT staff skilled in Microsoft products than other technology. Linux users are proud of the skills they've learned in order to use their systems -- and they should be! -- but Microsoft-skilled IT staff are more plentiful and cheaper to hire."

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Critical bug found in Cisco ASA products, attackers are scanning for affected devices

Several Cisco ASA products - appliances, firewalls, switches, routers, and security modules - have been found sporting a flaw that can ultimately lead to remote code execution by attackers.

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