Wireless networking

Monday, 18 August 2003, 7:52 AM EST

How about a project that combines hardware construction, community building, network hacking and, of course, Linux and other free software? Best of all, the stuff you need to get started is cheap and standardized, and there's a great balance of helpful resources and unanswered questions. We're talking about wireless networks. You'll impress even people who aren't Linux users by offering convenient Net access at your business or organization and the public spaces nearby.

Here on the West Coast of the USA, people sometimes get complacent about being first to understand and deploy new technology. If you're in San Francisco or Seattle, you're bound to be living a couple years ahead of everyone else, gadget-wise, right? Wrong.

Even though the West Coast has some wireless users groups that have done some impressive work, wireless is really making an impact in New York City, where “business improvement districts” are using access points to improve business in their neighborhoods, and even the phone company is offering access points. NYCwireless is a force to be reckoned with and might give you some ideas for your town. Find out exactly what that beat box on the cover has to do with Linux, and learn about the wireless frenzy sweeping New York City, on page 42.

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