New security woes for e-vote firm

Friday, 8 August 2003, 8:06 AM EST

Following an embarrassing leak of its proprietary software over a file transfer protocol site last January, the inner workings of Diebold Election Systems have again been laid bare.

A hacker has come forward with evidence that he broke the security of a private Web server operated by the embattled e-vote vendor, and made off last spring with Diebold's internal discussion-list archives, a software bug database and more software.

The unidentified attacker provided Wired News with an archive containing 1.8 GB of files apparently taken March 2 from a site referred to by the Ohio-based company as its "staff website."

Representatives of Diebold Election Systems, one of the largest electronic voting systems vendors with more than 33,000 machines in service around the country, said the company is still investigating the security breach and reviewing the contents of the archive.

Director of Communications John Kristoff said the stolen files contained "sensitive" information, but he said Diebold is confident that the company's electronic voting system software has not been tampered with.

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