We've found the perfect solution to spam

Wednesday, 9 July 2003, 2:59 PM EST

The Internet Research Task Force's (IRTF) quest for an effective solution to spam has struck gold in the form of IT specialist Mark McCarron.

The IRTF's Anti-Spam Research Group (ASRG) mailing list has over the course of the last month carried details of Mr McCarron's remarkable Global ISP Email Identity System (GIEIS) system which he has devised over six years to provide a global system to stop not only spam but also viruses, worms and inappropriate content such as porn.

The system, if adopted, is predicted to bring in revenues of nearly £50 billion and create two million jobs. It would certainly prove controversial however, since it would mean abolishing the accepted email and news protocols SMTP and NNTP and involve the introduction of a centralised authentication point for all emails.

The remarkable plan has already caused some trouble on the ASRG list, with chair Peter Judge restricting Mr McCarron's access claiming that he was over-posting. Mr McCarron has retaliated by accusing Mr Judge of having a clear conflict of interests since he works for anti-spam company CipherTrust.

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