Trusting ID management technology

Wednesday, 25 June 2003, 11:08 AM EST

While working for a competitor, a former bank employee dials in to her old voice-mail account and filches internal banking announcements. An intern at a major manufacturer builds his own sales account simply by calling a secretary who gives him unfettered access to the company's sales-lead database. How secure is the data your company gathers and stores? If your company is like most, your data is probably more readily available than you think.

When companies forge partnerships with suppliers, clients, and customers, they expose their systems to security breaches not only by their own employees but their partners' employees as well. How can a chief technologist gain control over access to a company's secure resources? The answer seems to lie in a robust identity management system, which gathers and manages employees' personal data, ensures the approval of those whose data is being used, and offers ironclad security. On the surface, identity management offers many protections, but lurking beneath are the many thorny issues still surrounding privacy and trust.

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Using Hollywood to improve your security program

Posted on 29 July 2014.  |  Tripwire CTO Dwayne Melancon spends a lot of time on airplanes, and ends up watching a lot of movies. Some of his favorite movies are adventures, spy stuff, and cunning heist movies. A lot of these movies provide great lessons that we can apply to information security.

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