DDoS attack hits clickbank and spamcop.net

Wednesday, 25 June 2003, 11:00 AM EST

ClickBank, the on-line marketplace for downloadable e-books, software, and digitally delivered products, and SpamCop.net, the company which fights spam with reporting and filtering systems, announced today that ClickBank and SpamCop.net are working closely with the FBI to identify the perpetrators responsible for a massive distributed denial of service attack.

The attack, which began sometime on Saturday June 21, has flooded both companies' servers with bogus traffic, having the effect of blocking access to legitimate users' service requests.

"For whatever reason, someone has arranged for thousands of hacked machines (located all over the planet) to pound our servers with thousands of bogus http requests per second, " said Steve Rouse, ClickBank's Chief Operating Officer. "Our log files are filling up at a rate of over 1MB per second. The duration and magnitude of this attack is unprecedented."

The FBI has been contacted and is attempting to identify the cause of the attacks. A similar attack occurred 3 weeks ago with other unnamed companies and certain governmental agencies. ClickBank and SpamCop.net are cooperating with the FBI in their efforts.

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