Palm adds VoIP and security to Tungsten C

Friday, 30 May 2003, 1:21 AM EST

Handheld maker Palm has announced partnerships with five technology companies to offer services for its wireless Tungsten C device, including one that turns the PDA into a phone.

The Tungsten C, which was introduced last month, is the first Palm handheld to feature built-in Wi-Fi. Palm said Thursday that it is working with Voice over IP (VoIP) software company VLI to enable Tungsten C owners to use the device to make phone calls on a Wi-Fi network. VLI's Gphone software for the Tungsten C is expected to be available in June.

Palm said it will team with Meetinghouse Data Communications to make its Aegis WLAN security software available for Tungsten C devices later this summer. The Aegis software supports Cisco's LEAP (Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol), which requires authentication from both the user and the access point in order to access the network. In addition, Palm said a virtual private network (VPN) client will be available to provide secure access to a network remotely from the Tungsten C.

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