E-commerce needs it own security net

Tuesday, 20 May 2003, 6:12 PM EST

For many companies, the protection of brand, reputation and customers, is paramount. The importance of safeguarding these assets in the virtual world of the internet as it is offline. The risks are different but still present and we need to be equipped with appropriate responses and counter-measures.

New research from internet pollster YouGov, commissioned by KPMG, points out that despite advances in online technology, concern about privacy on the net - like revealing credit card information and bank details - remains the No 1 worry of Scottish web users. A major challenge before UK plc is to treat security as an important aspect of business continuity strategy - if not the most important.

The success and survival of your business is dependent on protecting it from disruptions and ensuring that it can recover quickly in the event of an unexpected interruption. If you are authorising access for individuals to your online networks or database, you need to be sure you are not creating holes for hackers to exploit.

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51% of consumers share passwords

Posted on 20 August 2014.  |  The research revealed that consumers are not only sharing passwords but also potentially putting their personal and sensitive information at risk by leaving themselves logged in to applications on their mobile devices, with over half of those using social media applications and email admitting that they leave themselves logged in on their mobile device.

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