Case study: Deutsche Bank tries to marry wireless and security

Thursday, 8 May 2003, 1:11 AM EST

A company looking to beef up the security of its wireless operations should start with its own policies and standards, according to Ken Newman, director of security and risk management at Deutsche Bank AG. That's because standards and policies form the foundation upon which all security efforts are built, he said during a case study demonstration at Computerworld's Mobile & Wireless Conference here.
For example, employees need to understand that something as simple as setting up a wireless access point can pose a threat to company security.

As for Deutsche Bank, it faced a business problem of needing a system that provides confidentiality and data integrity that would meet government-imposed security considerations. Complicating the effort: Fears that advances in technology meant the entire security program would have a life span of only 12 to 18 months.

After strengthening its policies and standards, the next step in the process was "hardening" PCs and laptops from security breaches with personal firewalls, updates and patches for existing software, upgrades to security software, the use of low-level encryption and the prevention of simultaneous wireless/wired connections, he said.

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