Companies just have to spend on security, says DataPro

Thursday, 10 April 2003, 3:04 PM EST

In today's digital economy, where knowledge and information-based business is what it is all about, the need to establish and maintain high levels of security has never been more imperative - and this importance is only going to increase.

This is according to Douglas Reed, MD of premier Internet service provider, DataPro. Reed said while the ICT sector has suffered during the last two years as companies have cut back on IT spending and as margins have come under pressure, security companies have often managed to grow their businesses substantially and, in many instances, have bucked the downward, or stagnant, trend.

"This is because no matter how tight trading may be security is something that companies need to keep their eyes on, especially organisations such as banks and financial organisations who particularly need to safeguard the integrity of their information and that of their clients. Because of this security companies have been able to grow their revenues as companies invest in solutions to protect their networks from intrusions; be it spoofing, denial of service attacks, or hacking. The other frightening aspect is that pundits are increasingly talking about the higher risk of terrorist-based cyber attacks, or cyber terrorism, something that could create chaos in the international business community and quite likely could put some of the victims out of business - or at least cause serious disruption."

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