HNS Book Contest - Want some knowledge?

Monday, 17 March 2003, 4:24 AM EST


What do I have to do?

You have to write an article with the subject "Implementing basic security measures". The article can be based on any operating system and has to be at least 4000 characters long.

After you're done just drop the article in TXT, HTML or PDF format to There is no limit on the amount of articles a partecipant can send. Please include your full name and address with the submission.

The contest is open until March 23rd 00:00 CET.

This contest is open to everyone, however the article has to be written in English. We will not take into consideration materials written in other languages.

By sending the article to us you declare that the article is your original work and you grant us the permission to publish it in our Articles section upon the end of the contest.

What do I win?

The authors of the best 3 articles will each get 1 copy of the above mentioned books, which means that if you win - you get 3 books for your effort. An additional 1 copy of "Mission-Critical Security Planner: When Hackers Won't Take No for an Answer" will be awarded as a consolation prize to a runner-up.

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Operation Pawn Storm: Varied targets and attack vectors, next-level spear-phishing tactics

Posted on 23 October 2014.  |  Targets of the spear phishing emails included staff at the Ministry of Defense in France, in the Vatican Embassy in Iraq, military officials from a number of countries, and more.

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