Certify This!

Friday, 31 January 2003, 12:22 PM EST

When you see a resume that proclaims the job candidate is "certified" in some skill, what is your first impression? Is it that this person has been well-schooled in a certain subject and has been recognized for his abilities? Or that the person took the quick and easy path to big bucks?

The reality is that in this cold, cruel world, it's no longer about what you know -- it's a matter of which certifications you have.

Certification in a specific area -- be it Windows, networking, A+ or any other facet of computerdom -- is supposed to mean that a person has taken time to master a particular subject and gain the credentials to prove it. He or she has gone the extra mile to learn all there is to know to become an authority in a particular area.

Those letters (MCSE, A+, CNE) are supposed to tell me that the person can do the job, and do it well, because he or she has taken the time to learn the required skills and has passed exams to prove it!

When you look for a mechanic to work on your car, do you check to see if he's certified to do the job? Of course you do.

But shouldn't more value be placed on real-world experience?

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