An Overview of the Sun Microsystem Firewall

Monday, 27 January 2003, 11:19 AM EST

SunScreen is Sun Microsystem's firewall that runs under the Solaris operating system. It is the latest version of Sun's long line of firewall software that allows administrators to provide firewall capabilities to the Solaris operating system. SunScreen 3.1 is available in a full version which can be purchased from Sun Microsystems or a "lite" version which could be downloaded from Sun's Web site. With the release of Solaris 9, Sun has now bundled the SunScreen software with the OS.

SunScreen provides for packet filtering as well as authentication and data encryption. The SunScreen software provides for both a packet filter as well as the capability to create IPsec-based VPNs. Administration of the SunScreen system is provided through a GUI or a command-line interface. The SunScreen system is composed of two parts: the screening system and the administration system. The administration can be either local (that is on SunScreen itself) or remote (a separate host running the SunSreen administration software and communicating with the firewall through a secure, encrypted channel).

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