Review: CanIt Spam Trap

Monday, 13 January 2003, 12:58 PM EST

I looked at both CanIt and CanIt Pro for the purposes of this review. CanIt Pro is a new product that will debut later this month. The main difference between CanIt and the CanIt Pro product is per-recipient rules. So, I suppose if certain users really want to receive spam, they'll be able to. Actually, I can see the usefulness of per-recipient rules, but it's probably not for every organization.

CanIt can be installed from source or using RPMs. Red Hat is the preferred distribution, so I wiped a machine and installed Red Hat 8.0. My first attempt was to try to install CanIt from source. This turned out to be a headache, due to a number of failed dependencies. Unfortunately, the installer doesn't state which packages you need to meet those dependencies, so I was left guessing.

The second attempt was installing from RPM. The RPMs come with an installer script, so all you need to do is to run ./install-canit-rh8, which is a shell script that installs the RPMs and reports what RPMs might be missing. This was much easier, though I still needed to install a few RPMs that weren't installed by default. Overall, the installation was easy but a bit tedious. If you're working with a default Red Hat 8.0 install, you'll probably have to go hunting for a few missing RPMs and then set up the database and some other goodies before you can get CanIt running.

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