Stones, Fire and Water

Monday, 11 November 2002, 2:26 PM EST

While driving to work the other day, a squirrel began to cross the road ahead of me; its slow, steady advances quickening as my vehicle drew near. Just as it made it safely to the other side, some invisible stimulus seen only by Scuridae caused it to suddenly reverse direction and dart back across the road directly in front of me.

If squirrels have final memories, this one's was "B.F. Goodrich."

While picking out pieces of fur-embedded squirrel meat from the treads, it dawned on me just how costly reactionary behavior can be. I'm sure it made sense to the squirrel at the time, but in the Grand Scheme of Things, its change of direction was not the smartest move.

The security world watched with keen interest last month when Foundstone was granted a temporary restraining order against NTObjectives for alleged trade secret misappropriation. J. D. Glaser, the well-respected and talented President of NTO, was named in a declaration by Foundstone's Stuart McClure, where he was accused of stealing "well-guarded algorithms, methods, and databases that are highly valuable trade secrets of Foundstone" from the FoundScan vulnerability scanner-- and using them directly in his newly-developed "Fire and Water" Web application security auditing tool.

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Critical bug found in Cisco ASA products, attackers are scanning for affected devices

Several Cisco ASA products - appliances, firewalls, switches, routers, and security modules - have been found sporting a flaw that can ultimately lead to remote code execution by attackers.

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