Microsoft wirelessly hacked (not bad Microsoft...not bad!)

Tuesday, 29 October 2002, 12:34 PM EST

While everybody is worried about protecting their cabled networks (Microsoft is probably the most worried) against traditional hacker attacks, the what’s so called “war driving” (hacking a wireless network) is a kind of new threat against which there is not yet enough awareness and against which no proper countermeasures are taken, yet.
Zone-H wants to report you what recently has happened to Microsoft three days ago, during an important exhibition.

Smau it’s the biggest Italian IT exhibition with millions of visitors coming from all over Europe and thousands of exhibitors coming from all over the world.

Microsoft this year, was ready to welcome the big visitors flow in one of their usual mega booth, in which a huge wireless LAN of more than one hundred linked PCs was organized by Microsoft’s technicians.

Guess what happened?

Some wireless hackers hacked into Microsoft’s wireless system halting most of the wi-fi network.

Microsoft’s technicians finally noticed the intrusion and tried to take proper countermeasures. They even called the Italian cyber police which team came to the exhibition attempting to identify the intruders.

Guess how it ended?

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