Security: the number one worry for IT pros

Friday, 4 October 2002, 10:36 AM EST

An interesting study from services company Synstar claims to identify the various pressures faced by IT managers and IT Directors in European companies with more than 200 employees.

The questions asked were broken down into three critical areas: internal business issues; IT issues; and external issues. These were then broken down further to include sub-questions about concerns like demanding users, IT costs, work-life balance. Guess what most of these people are worried about: Security.

It seems strange to think that IT managers and directors are overly concerned about the security of their organisations systems, given that security spending has slumped dramatically over the past couple of years. And even more peculiar, in light of wars, terrorist attacks and a constant drone about cyber terrorists, is the revelation that these same managers and directors are actually less concerned about security this year than they were last. But still, 36% of them said they were worried about security and 49% said that they had some concerns.

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The big picture of protecting and securing Big Data

Today almost every company is dealing with big data in one way or another – including customer data, tracking data, and behavioral marketing information – connecting every aspect of our lives. While this is a cutting edge use of technology, data monitoring can become dangerous when placed in the wrong hands.

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