Book Review: Linux Administration Handbook

Friday, 27 September 2002, 12:11 PM EST

This is an excellent book for anyone who needs a solid overview of Linux and popular Linux services. It should be enough for any admin-in-training who needs to set up email, file sharing, and so forth. If you need to become an expert on Sendmail, BIND, or any of the other topics covered, you might want to supplement the Handbook with a more in-depth title. However, the book will do a lot to get you up and running and it does a fine job of covering typical scenarios.

What you won't find in this book is coverage of exclusively end-user topics. It doesn't waste time with coverage of KDE or GNOME or other desktops and window managers. You're expected to learn Mozilla or Konqueror on your own time. The book is for admins only, so if you're in the market for a book that will teach you how to use Linux as an end user, this book is out of your league. It also doesn't spend much time on SuSE or Red Hat's GUI configuration tools. While it does a good job of covering some specifics of each distro, it doesn't waste time walking you through YaST2 or other GUI wizards. Any competent admin should be able to figure those out themselves, and they change so quickly between releases it's silly to try to nail them down anyway.

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Attackers are downing DNS servers by exploiting BIND bug

As predicted, the critical and easily exploitable flaw that affects all versions of BIND, the most widely used DNS software on the Internet, has started being exploited by attackers.

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