Aramco hackers threaten to attack oil giant again
Posted on 23.08.2012
The group of hackers that claimed responsibility for the recent Saudi Aramco breach has announced that it will be targeting the company again because they want to prove that they accomplished the attack without the help of a company insider.

The group has announced their intention in a post on Pastebin, and has set the date and the time for the attack to August 25 (Saturday) at 21:00 GTM.

Since the attack, Saudi Aramco has had difficulties in returning their websites online.

Rumors at the time had it that a large number of systems were completely wiped and that both web and mail servers, as well as the domain controller were also hit in the attack, but the company still hasn't shared many details about the attack except for saying that a sudden disruption affected some of the sectors of its electronic network and that the interruption has had no impact on any of the company’s production operations.

It is widely believed - and seemingly confirmed by the attackers - that they used the Shamoon malware to execute the attack.

It remains to be seen if the attackers will deliver on their promise and manage to breach Saudi Aramco's defenses even with a fair warning.


Intentional backdoors in iOS devices uncovered

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