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  • Android Fake ID bug allows malware to impersonate trusted apps

    29 July 2014

    The Bluebox Security research team has unearthed another critical Android vulnerability. Named “Fake ID,” the security bug can be used by malicious applications to impersonate specially...

  • AV engines are riddled with exploitable bugs

    29 July 2014

    A security researcher has found a great number of exploitable vulnerabilities in popular security solutions and the AV engines they use, proving not only that AV engines are as vulnerable...

  • Android ransomware attacks on the increase

    29 July 2014

    CYREN researchers predict that a large wave of Android ransomware has yet to hit. Two cases of first-ever Android ransomware appeared thus far this year, both delivered via drive-by...

  • A peek into Police Locker's distribution infrastructure

    28 July 2014

    An analysis of the distribution infrastructure for the bothersome Android "Police Locker" ransomware has revealed that the attackers behind it are not putting all of their eggs in one...

  • Almost 1 in 10 Android apps are now malware

    28 July 2014

    Cheetah Mobile Threat Research Labs analyzed trends in mobile viruses for Q1 and Q2 of 2014. Pulling 24.4 million sample files they found that 2.2 million files had viruses, roughly...

  • New type of ransomware bucks established trends

    25 July 2014

    Ransomware is now one of the fastest growing classes of malicious software, says Kaspersky Lab researcher Fedor Sinitsyn. This should not comes as a surprise, when we know that 35 percent...

  • Operation Emmental exploits holes in banking security

    23 July 2014

    Trend Micro researchers have discovered and analyzed a clever attack aimed at customers of Austrian, Swiss, Swedish, and Japanese banks. They dubbed it Emmental, after the famous Swiss...


IoT devices are filled with security flaws, researchers warn

Posted on 30 July 2014.  |  We are living in an increasingly interconnected world, and the so-called Internet of Things is our (inescapable) future. But how safe will we, our possessions and our information be as these wired and interconnected devices begin to permeate our lives?

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