81% of healthcare organizations have been compromised

Only half feel that they are adequately prepared in preventing attacks, according to KPMG.

Malvertising campaigns increase 325 percent

Cyphort investigated the practices used by cyber criminals to inject malicious advertisements into legitimate online advertising networks.

Combatting human error in cybersecurity

Mistakes do play a part in security breaches, more often than not it’s a far simpler mistake: innocent errors of judgment that are leaving businesses and government networks exposed to massive data loss and financial ruin.

Cloud security: Essential yet complicated

In this interview, Ron Zalkind, CTO and co-founder of CloudLock, talks about the top cloud security threats.

Redefining security visualization with Hollywood UI design

ProtectWise CEO Scott Chasin and CTO Gene Stevens wanted to give users a helpful security tool with an interactive visual dashboard that looks straight out of Call of Duty.


The big picture of protecting and securing Big Data

Today almost every company is dealing with big data in one way or another – including customer data, tracking data, and behavioral marketing information – connecting every aspect of our lives. While this is a cutting edge use of technology, data monitoring can become dangerous when placed in the wrong hands.

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Effective security starts with UX

The biggest contributors to security budget spend are the short-term, lower-priority challenges of internal compliance errors and accidental data leaks.

How to get better at web application security

Robert Hansen, Vice President of WhiteHat Security Labs offers advice on how to improve web application security practices.

Top 3 biggest mistakes enterprises make in application security

While there is an increasing recognition in many organizations that application security is an important piece of the overall puzzle, putting together a comprehensive strategy that will effectively reduce an organization’s risk profile is not easy.

Redefining security visualization with Hollywood UI design

Most security interfaces today leave a lot to be desired, and many security pros are gaming enthusiasts, accustomed to a sharp and engaging virtual world. But wait, there's an interactive visual dashboard that looks like it came straight out of Call of Duty!