Google declares war against deceptive download buttons

Google decided to make an effort to kill a dangerous practice.

Severe and unpatched eBay vulnerability allows attackers to distribute malware

Check Point researchers have discovered a severe vulnerability in eBay's online sales platform.

Exposing the economics behind cyber attacks

A new survey by the Ponemon Institute provides insight into topics like the average earnings of a cyberattacker.

Reactions to the HSBC DDoS attack

Last week HSBCís online banking website was taken down by a DDoS attack, leaving thousands of customers unable to access its services.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about privacy and they're acting on it

More Americans are concerned about not knowing how the personal information collected about them online is used than losing their principal source of income.


Harnessing artificial intelligence to build an army of virtual analysts

PatternEx, a startup that gathered a team of AI researcher from MIT CSAIL as well as security and distributed systems experts, is poised to shake up things in the user and entity behavior analytics market.

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Editor's choice

Modern IRM: Securing the future of work

In an open, collaborative enterprise, the best way to protect confidential data and mitigate the risk of data loss is to adapt IRM to match modern tools and platforms.

Security flaws discovered in smart toys and kids' watches

Rapid7 researchers have unearthed serious flaws in two Internet of Things devices: The Fisher-Price Smart Toy and The hereO GPS Platform.

Hackers claim to have hacked NASA, hijacked one of its drones

AnonSec hackers claim that they have breached a number of US NASA's systems, and they have published a data trove.

Is your HP enterprise printer hosting malware for hackers?

If youíre concerned about security, put your printers are behind a firewall and, if itís a Hewlett-Packard, make sure port 9100 isnít open.