Cybercriminals wonít take a vacation this holiday season

Posted on 19 December 2014.  |  Cybercriminals will use the season to take advantage of businesses as IT staff and end users relax their guard heading into the end of year.

Malware peddlers take advantage of Sony's decision to pull controversial film

Posted on 18 December 2014.  |  Cyber criminals of another kind have move in to take advantage of the continuing interest the public has in the movie.

How employees put your company at risk during the holidays

Posted on 16 December 2014.  |  Here are three harmless behaviors that can compromise your security posture.

HIPAA security compliance: How risk tolerant are you?

Posted on 15 December 2014.  |  What do organizations need to know to assess their own risk tolerance and implement a balanced, efficient, and effective security strategy?

Why now is the time for enterprises to implement context-based authentication

Posted on 12 December 2014.  |  The popularity of BYOD has been a boon for improved productivity and collaboration, but it has also created a new set of challenges.


USBdriveby: Compromising computers with a $20 microcontroller

Posted on 19 December 2014.  |  Security researcher Samy Kamkar has devised a fast and easy way to compromise an unlocked computer and open a backdoor on it: a simple and cheap ($20) pre-programmed Teensy microcontroller.

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Editor's choice

Critical Git flaw allows attackers to compromise developers' machines

19 December 2014. | A critical vulnerability affecting all versions of the official Git client and all related software that interacts with Git repositories has been found and patched.

ICANN systems breached via spear-phishing emails

18 December 2014. | As many organizations before it, ICANN has been compromised after some of its employees fell for cleverly constructed spear-phishing emails sent by the attackers.

Google starts blocking badly behaving Gmail extensions

17 December 2014. | How to deal with untrustworthy third-party add-ons that could endanger your own users? Prevent them from loading - if you can.

TorrentLocker exposed: Investigation and analysis

16 December 2014. | The latest variant of the malware has infected at least 40,000 systems in the last few months targeting primary European countries.

HIPAA security compliance: How risk tolerant are you?

15 December 2014. | What do organizations need to know to assess their own risk tolerance and implement a balanced, efficient, and effective security strategy?

100k+ WP websites compromised by SoakSoak malware

15 December 2014. | Sucuri Security researchers are warning about a massive compromise of WordPress sites sporting malicious JavaScript leading visitors to malware.

Cloud security: Do you know where your data is?

12 December 2014. | Private and public clouds introduce new concerns around infrastructure security, application and data mobility, and availability and uptime.