The rapid growth of the bug bounty economy

By the first quarter of 2015, private bounties accounted for upwards of 35 of the newly initiated programs, handily surpassing new public bounty programs.

Researchers devise passive attacks for identifying Tor hidden services

MIT researchers have devised two attacks that could identify, with a high degree of certainty, an anonymous hidden service or client.

United Airlines hacked by same group that breached Anthem and OPM

United Airlines has been breached, and investigators believe the perpetrators to be the same group that hacked US health insurer Anthem.

New Android bug can put devices into a coma

A vulnerability can make Android devices unresponsive, i.e. "silent, unable to make calls, with a lifeless screen".

Sun Tzu 2.0: Is cyberwar the new warfare?

Sun Tzu's writings have been studied throughout the ages by professional militaries and can used to not only answer the question of whether or not we are in a cyberwar, but how one can fight a cyber-battle.


Hospitals advised to stop using vulnerable computerized drug pumps

This is the first time that the US FDA has advised healthcare providers to stop using a medical device because of cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

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Editor's choice

Attackers are downing DNS servers by exploiting BIND bug

As predicted, the critical and easily exploitable flaw that affects all versions of BIND has started being exploited by attackers.

The leading cause of insider threats? Employee negligence

Employee negligence, which may be caused by multitasking and working long hours, can result in insider threats and cost companies millions of dollars each year.

Fake "Windows 10 Free Upgrade" emails deliver ransomware

It didn't take long for malware peddlers to take advantage of the huge interest users have shown into Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge: New browser, new risks for Windows 10

Microsoft Edge, the new browser in Windows 10, represents a significant increase in the security over Internet Explorer. However, there are also new potential threat vectors that aren’t present in older versions.

Check out the Windows 10 security features

The release of Windows 10 brings a number of security upgrades that look good on paper, but as with all new products to market, it is advisable that organisations carefully plan any upgrades.