The business and social impacts of cyber security issues

With multiple recent high profile attacks targeting household names and large employers, individuals increasingly fear cyber crime and its resulting consequences at work as well as at home.

New DDoS attack and tools use Google Maps plugin as proxy

Attackers are using Joomla servers with a vulnerable Google Maps plugin installed as a platform for launching DDoS attacks.

Gemalto says NSA and GCHQ intrusions "probably happened"

Gemalto uses "highly secure exchange processes" when sending and receiving SIM data, but "these data transmission methods were not universally used".

Critical Samba flaw allows unauthorized remote code execution

Samba has been found sporting a critical flaw that can be exploited by an attacker to run programs as an administrator.


Compromised cPanel "Account Suspended" pages redirect to exploit kit

The code redirects visitors to another URL where the Fiesta exploit kit is hosted, which then tries to detect and exploit several vulnerabilities in various software. If it succeeds, the visitors are saddled with a banking Trojan.

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Editor's choice

Medical identity theft affected two million victims in 2014

The number of patients affected by medical identity theft increased nearly 22 percent in the last year, an increase of nearly half a million victims since 2013.

Cisco, Apple, Citrix products no longer welcome on Chinese government systems

A slew of US tech companies have been dropped from China's Ministry of Finance's approved government procurement list, including Apple, McAfee, Citrix Systems and Cisco Systems.

Over a million WP sites at risk of hijacking due to plugin bug

WordPress users who are also running the WP-Slimstat web analytics plugin should update as soon as possible.

How safe are Android-based children’s tablets?

Looking for an Android-based tablet for your child but don't know which one to choose? Bluebox Security has released a review of the nine most popular Android tablet models aimed specifically at children.

Internet of Things adoption is gaining momentum

Enterprise adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to gain momentum, fueled by a mix of technological, political and social factors.

Declaring personal data bankruptcy and the cost of privacy

Why are many ready to surrender their privacy to commercial interests?