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SSL innovations
Wayne Thayer, the General Manager of Security Products at GoDaddy and a member of the CA Security Council, compares and explains certificate transparency, certificate authority authorization and certificate pinning.

Moving to the SHA-2 hashing algorithm
Jay Schiavo, a member of the CA Security Council, discusses why web server administrators will have to make plans to move from SSL and code signing certificates signed with the SHA-1 hashing algorithm to those signed with SHA-2.

Building management security
Terry McCorkle, Product Manager, Vulnerability Management, Qualys, discusses flaws in building management security that most people are not aware of.

Top 4 security controls: Do your PCs make the grade?
Wolfgang Kandek, CTO at Qualys, talks about a new free service that help organizations implement the Top 4 Critical Security Controls to fend off attacks.

The role of identity in responding to the threat environment
Geoff Webb, Director of Solution Strategy at NetIQ, talks about the intricacies of securing such a complicated landscape and the key is understanding the role of identity.

Two-factor authentication with Duo Security
Zach Lanier, Senior Security Researcher at Duo Security, talks about two-factor authentication with Duo Security.

Protecting data against unwanted surveillance
Jason Sabin, VP of Research & Development at DigiCert, discusses how SSL is the most important defense against unwanted surveillance, but it must be properly implemented.

Mobile data leakage
Mike Raggo, Security Evangelist at MobileIron, discusses mobile data leakage, and provides tips on how to secure email, public and in-house apps, illustrates data exposure, and much more.

Is your browser a user agent, or a double agent?
Mike Shema, Director of Engineering at Qualys, discusses how privacy shouldn't be an afterthought in the browser.

How to protect against unauthorized spying
Wayne Thayer, the General Manager of Security Products at GoDaddy and a member of the CA Security Council, provides tips on you what you can do to protect yourself from spying.

Exploring identity relationship management
Mike Ellis, CEO of ForgeRock, talks about how today's solutions must link devices and new mobile and social apps to a single security platform that works all the time, everywhere.

Egnyte CSO details company security roadmap
Kris Lahiri, CSO at Egnyte, details the company’s plans to raise the global standard for secure file sharing in the enterprise.

Understanding the top 20 Critical Security Controls
Wolfgang Kandek, CTO at Qualys, talks about the 20 Critical Security Controls, which outline a practical approach to implementing security technologies by providing proven guidelines for protecting IT environments.

Next generation access management strategies
Eugene Shablygin, CEO and founder of WWPass Corporation, discusses the death of the password and talks about alternative access management strategies that offer greater security.

The security of embedded devices
Billy Rios, Director of Threat Intelligence at Qualys, talks about embedded devices from a security standpoint.

New approach to SQL injection detection
Dave Rosenberg, CTO at DB Networks, talks about a new approach to SQL injection detection and explains how they solve this problem in their products.
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