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Trust in the U.S. cloud on the decline
Perspecsys revealed a continental cloud divide between the U.S. and Europe. 51% of respondents even claimed that they do not fully trust U.S.-based clouds.

Stop all browser-borne malware from entering your network
Branden Spikes, CEO, CTO & Founder of Spikes Security, talks about AirGap web security solution, a specialized, hardened browser is deployed on a server outside the firewall.

Half of security pros fail to secure data
Research conducted at Infosecurity Europe 2014 has revealed that 50% of security professionals do not secure data on portable storage devices such as USBs and external hard drives.

Essential steps for implementing Data Loss Prevention
Raul Condea from CoSoSys talks about essential steps to take when implementing DLP. When looking at DLP, always consider operating systems, computers, mobile devices, user experience and last but not least, deployment.

The importance of continuous monitoring
Corey Bodzin, VP of Product Management at Qualys, discusses the need for continuous monitoring of the growing perimeter and the new QualysGuard Continuous Monitoring solution.

Top 4 strategies to mitigate cyber intrusions
The Council on CyberSecurity has found that 85% of cyber attack techniques can be prevented by implementing the Top 4 controls. Wolfgang Kandek, CTO at Qualys, talks about these security controls.

Are rogue employees the biggest threat to information security?
Despite taking measures to combat the risks, 37% of businesses still see employees as biggest threat to information security, ranking the insider threat, higher than cyber-attacks (19%) and BYOD (15%).

Warbiking tour reveals dismal state of wireless security
James Lyne, Global Head of Security Research at Sophos, talks about how he took his computer-equipped bicycle onto the streets of several cities to test how safe homes, businesses, and even people on mobiles phones are from cyber criminals.

Responding to data breaches and increasing security
In this podcast, recorded at Infosecurity Europe 2014, Josie Herbert interviews Craig Carpenter, the Chief Cybersecurity Strategist for AccessData. Carpenter tackles the issues surrounding data breaches, incident response and BYOD.

Video: Infosecurity Europe 2014 showcase
Here's a video overview of Infosecurity Europe 2014 featuring a walk through the expo floor.

Making the web a safe place to visit
Branden Spikes, CEO, CTO & Founder of Spikes Security, talks about making the web a safe place to visit with the use of isolation technology for preventing malicious content from infecting endpoints.

The Heartbleed effect
Ivan Ristic, Director of Engineering at Qualys, talks about the Heartbleed bug and its impact on the security industry. He tackles open source as well as the amazing patch rate.

Mobile phone security transformed with 4 new encryption apps
A British company has launched a new range of mobile phone apps that provide the last word in encryption security for incoming and outgoing voice and data calls.

Sales drop as corporate data breaches rise
Financial and banking institutions, healthcare providers and retailers stand to have significantly increased expenses and lose up to one-third of its customer/patient base after a data breach.

ManageEngine fortifies enterprise security log analytics
EventLog Analyzer, the security information and event management (SIEM) software, now offers complete user audit trails as well as the real-time event correlation and ISO 27001 reporting previously available in beta.

IT sec pros surprisingly cavalier about mobile security best practices
A flash poll conducted at Infosecurity Europe 2014 by Centrify Corporation has found that 94 per cent of IT security professionals use third party applications on their mobile devices for work, with 82 per cent using up to 10 apps.
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