SOURCE Boston 2009

Date: 9 March-13 March 2009
Location: Seaport Hotel, Boston, MA
Organizer: Bitmark Concept

SOURCE Conference is the first and only conference that combines advanced technology and application security practices with the business of security in an intimate and manageable environment.

Bigger is not always better! Over the years, the members of the SOURCE team have attended numerous conferences and found the same thing - the conferences were often so big and had so many people that it was difficult to identify key talent, thought leaders, business visionaries, and high level security practitioners. SOURCE avoids these problems by maintaining an intimate and manageable environment to give our attendees access to key players and high value, relevant information.

Technical Integrity. The speakers and topics for SOURCE are handpicked by some of the top security minds in the industry, including former members of L0pht heavy industries, NSA, and @stake. The SOURCE advisors know security and select talks based on technical criteria. The technical integrity of SOURCE is something we pride ourselves on.

Building Bridges. A gap exists between the high level technical conferences and the high level business conferences. This often leaves these two groups wondering how to identify one another or how to make those important professional connections. Therefore, in addition to high level talks and presentations, SOURCE offers receptions, discussion groups, interview rooms, and other opportunities for professional networking.

Who Should Attend? SOURCE is an ideal place for computer security thought leaders and experts, senior technical executives, chief officers, members of the business community who are looking to gain technical insight, and those who are looking to capitalize on new business opportunities and connect with computer security professionals.

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