Troubleshooting and Security Summit 08

Date: 4 November-5 November 2008
Location: Omni Mandalay Hotel, Texas
Organizer: Laura Chappell

Bring your laptop with Wireshark loaded and prepare for two days of intense hands-on labs taught by Laura Chappell, Founder of Wireshark University and the Protocol Analysis Institute. Wireshark (Windows version) will also be provided on DVD at the conference – ensure your laptop has a DVD drive.

This summit focuses on:


• Identify ‘must have’ tools and methods to capture wired and wireless traffic (including full-/half-duplex tap issues and wireless decryption methods)
• Review Best Practices for rapid fault isolation (client vs. server vs. infrastructure vs. application issues)
• Analyze and troubleshoot 802.11 communications
• Identify performance issues and resolutions for Windows XP
• Analyze Windows Vista™ and Windows Server 2008 TCP stack enhancements including checksum offloading, window scaling, selective ACK, delayed ACKs, receive-window auto-tuning and Compound TCP
• Analyze a standard client start-up sequence
• Identify file transfer issues caused by poor application behavior (including analysis of Windows SMB/SMB2 transfer methods)
• Examine the most common causes of slow web browsing sessions
• Calculate link latency times (LAN/WAN)
• Automate the packet capture process for unattended and large data capture
• Alter trace files (merge, split, change timestamps, etc.)
• Calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) returned through effective analysis

Security (and Optimization)

• Review network forensics procedures
• Design a 'compromised host lab'
• Learn how to automatically graph network traffic and create customized reports
• Review honeypot placement and detection methods
• Analyze Skype™ traffic patterns
• Analyze BitTorrent™ and other P2P traffic patterns
• Analyze unwanted network traffic such as MMORPG game traffic   (e.g., World of Warcraft™, GuildWars™, etc.)
• Identify the network impact of streaming video (YouTube™) and internet radio traffic
• Reassemble data streams in backdoor communications
• Perform protocol forcing to alter dissectors used in covert
• Identify signatures in suspect traffic
• Learn how to capture traffic on a flooded network
• Define methods to protect your network forensics evidence

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MagSpoof: A device that spoofs credit cards, disables chip-and-PIN protection

The device can wirelessly spoof credit cards/magstripes, disable chip-and-PIN protection, and predict the credit card number and expiration date of Amex cards after they have reported stolen or lost.

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