16th Annual FIRST Conference

Date: 13 June-18 June 2004
Location: Hilton Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
Organizer: FIRST

The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams is a global organization which brings together one of the largest international gathering of computer security incident response teams (CSIRT). FIRST conferences not only provide a setting for teams to enjoy a social atmosphere, but also create a backdrop for networking, collaboration and the sharing of technical information. FIRST continues to enjoy a steady increase in membership internationally and is represented by teams from government, commercial and academic communities.

FIRST participants are IT managers, network and system administrators, academia, software and hardware vendors, security solutions providers, telecommunications organizations, ISPs, and general computer and network security personnel. FIRST conferences cover areas such as:

- The most advanced techniques in security Incident Detection, Reaction and Response.
- The latest advancements in computer security tools.
- Best practice security methodologies.
- Shared views and experiences in the computer security incident response field.

Every year the logistics and planning for the successive conference begins even before the start of the current conference. This year we add to the pre-planning stage the Call for Papers. This allows conference participants not only to begin thinking about ideas for next conference paper submissions but also provides an opportunity for queries and comments to the Program Committee.

The conference is a five-day event, comprising two days of tutorials and three days of technical sessions, which include refereed paper presentations, keynote speeches and panel discussions.

The conference will discuss recent practical computer and network security issues, focusing on incident handling and response techniques and experiences. The program committee welcomes original contributions on the following topics:

- Incident Response
- General Issues
- CSIRT Operation and Tools
- Response Team Cooperation and Legal Issues
- New Technologies, New Vulnerabilities

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Several Cisco ASA products - appliances, firewalls, switches, routers, and security modules - have been found sporting a flaw that can ultimately lead to remote code execution by attackers.

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