RSA Conference 2006

Date: 13 February-17 February 2006
Location: McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA, USA
Organizer: RSA Security

RSA Conference 2006 will host the following tracks:

Applied Security
Information security technology must prove its valor against all forms of intruders. This track demonstrates the application of the latest security technologies to real-world enterprise challenges. Talks include case studies that detail initial challenges and successful security solutions.

Business of Security
These talks cover emerging technology trends and market maneuvers, with strong emphasis on new developments and how the business environment will be impacted. This track will be of special interest to CXOs, senior business executives, industry analysts and the media.

Cryptography is ever-changing and this academically-focused track for mathematicians offers presentations of the very latest papers about the science of cryptography.

Creative energy springs to life in the developerís hands. This track is for senior developers and programmers building information security technologies into their applications. The technical talks focus on new trends in security protocols, encryption and programming languages.

Government and Policy
Timely national and international policy issues, challenges, and strategies for success are discussed and debated in this informative track. Policies and requirements set by government entities, for example, impact information security in both the public and private sector. This track addresses important topics of interest to: industries and organizations that are affected by either current or proposed government regulation and standards; companies selling into the government marketplace; and policy developments around the globe that are likely to impact your business now or in the future.

Hackers & Threats
Learn how to defend your enterprise with sessions offering fresh insights into hacking, network forensics and countermeasures.
Identity & Access Management - This track is dedicated to issues of access control, authentication, identification technologies & protocols and the growing threat of identity theft.

Identity & Access Management
This track is dedicated to issues of access control, authentication, identification technologies & protocols and the growing threat of identity theft.

These sessions are for IT/IS management deploying security-enabled technologies. You will receive practical advice in how to deploy new technologies for planning, deploying and securing enterprise solutions.

Perimeter Defense
Talks in this track focus on more efficient ways to protect corporate assets from unwanted intrusion. Discussions cover new developments in firewalls, VPNs, anti-viral and intrusion detection technologies.

Law, Legislation & Compliance
Security and the battle for justice go hand in hand. These sessions cover contemporary topics of interest to lawmakers, privacy and civil rights activists, policy-makers, lawyers and public-interest groups. Sometime legislation and legal rulings have unintended consequences. If you are a legal or security professional who have to deal with a multitude of existing laws and mandates, and have limited resources to get the job done, you wonít want to miss this track! If you are a privacy activist and you have concerns about a specific mandate or technology, donít miss this track!

Professional Development
These talks are designed to provide practical advice, strategic insights and skill sharpening seminars for advancing your career in information security. Sessions will offer insights on how to talk to management and convince them to approve your projects.

Secure Web Services
The global economy must be secured as it expands. This track covers the IT evolution towards secure service-oriented B2B, e-commerce and online collaboration architectures. Gain new insight into how to respond flexibly to changing customer requirements.

Security Solutions
Straight from the information security front lines, case studies of successful strategies will be delivered by select vendor companies. Learn innovative best practices and prepare your enterprise for the future.

Security needs a universal language. These discussions encompass current domestic and international security/crypto standardization efforts.

Wireless & Embedded Security
Wireless technology will strongly influence the future of information security. This track is for IT professionals and developers deploying or creating wireless or embedded applications and infrastructures. Talks focus on new developments in wireless networks, LANs, embedded security technologies and securing wireless devices.

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Critical bug found in Cisco ASA products, attackers are scanning for affected devices

Several Cisco ASA products - appliances, firewalls, switches, routers, and security modules - have been found sporting a flaw that can ultimately lead to remote code execution by attackers.

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