InfoSeCon 2005

Date: 6 June-10 June 2005
Location: Hotel Croatia, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Organizer: Information Security Bulletin and ZIK

InfoSeCon is the primary information assurance conference in East Europe and the only event to specifically deal with all the issues facing both the public and the private sector in EU accession and candidate countries in the process of developing a secure infrastructure at a breath-taking pace.

InfoSeCon spans across the whole range of issues facing these countries: EU compliance, national security, international cooperation - both within and outside the EU, fraud prevention, combatting cyber-crime, introducing suitable legislation, etc. It also offers a unique combination of a top level conference and several days of world class workshops and master classes featuring up to the minute hands-on demonstrations of both management and top technical level techniques and methods covering e.g. enterprise architecture design and maintenance, compliance issues and technologies including evidence generation and preservation, forensic techniques and investigation, network pen testing, intrusion detection and prevention, secure software and operating systems, and cryptographic methods.

InfoSeCon enjoys a high level of credibility. It is the only event of its kind in the region which is not vendor specific or vendor driven. It offers a genuine top level selection of cutting-edge knowledge presented by world class tutors, consultants, lectures and scientists, attracting the highest levels of decision-makers in both the public and private sector from several countries.

InfoSeCon is officialy supported by the European Network and Information Security Agency, ENISA.

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Chrome extension thwarts user profiling based on typing behavior

Infosec consultant Paul Moore came up with a working solution to thwart a type of behavioral profiling. The result is a Chrome extension called Keyboard Privacy, which prevents profiling of users by the way they type by randomizing the rate at which characters reach the DOM.

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