ToorCon 2003

Date: 26 September-28 September 2003
Location: Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, USA
Organizer: ToorCon

ToorCon is a rapidly growing information security convention in San Diego, California. Now in our fifth year, and going strong, our objective is to raise public awareness of information security and to demonstrate and teach methods to improve security.

Our goal as an organization is to produce the best convention of its type. We plan to accomplish this huge undertaking by creating a well balanced "Con" experience. Not only will you be able to see the latest and greatest security techniques, but you will able to apply them to your existing networks.

Our speakers are the best in their field and are more then willing to prove it if questioned. Instead of running off after a talk, they will take some time to answer your questions. Most of our speakers will return to the audience and listen to other talks. We have setup ToorCon to be a more intimate environment and more conducive to learning.

ToorCon is a comprehensive, three-day information security extravaganza, featuring lectures from some of the top experts in the field and hands-on demonstrations of the newest approaches to information security and security management.

This year, RootWars will noy only be back - it will be run by none other than SAIC, and will better than ever. Alphafight will also be running a competition called "You 0wn It, You Own It." This contest will feature nearly a dozen unique machines with guest accounts that you get to keep (along with whatever other prizes we can pile ontop) if you can root them.

Back to Basics does not mean this con is for just newbies or just about security management. We will still live by the same cutting edge tradition that you have come to know ToorCon by. Going Back to Basics we can expand the focus beyond our normal presentations, and take information security to the people it affects in terms they understand. This year we will be covering many growing policy, procedure, and regulatory compliance issues with a dedicated second track. This will outline the bottom line and how new technologies can be used to help businesses achieve mitigate risk and deal with regulation.

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What's the real cost of a security breach?

The majority of business decision makers admit that their organisation will suffer an information security breach and that the cost of recovery could start from around $1 million.

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