• The insider versus the outsider: Who poses the biggest security risk?

    Today, many organizations are under continuous attack from nation-states or professional cyber criminals. One of the main focuses for IT security teams is stopping intruders from gaining access to assets on the corporate network. However, this strain on IT teams means that when it comes to malicious insiders, a worrying number of organizations almost entirely drop their guard.

  • Solving the third-party risk management puzzle for PCI

    One of the main PCI compliance challenges for businesses is how to accurately document and monitor the payment data and personal information they hold and share with third parties. The complexity of supply chains not only exposes this data to a much greater risk of loss, it also adds uncertainty over where the ultimate responsibility lies in protecting it.

  • Maintaining security during your healthcare merger or acquisition

    With continuous changes in the information security landscape and high profile breaches being announced on a seemingly weekly basis, healthcare providers need to ensure they are properly securing protected health information (PHI). A lack of patient confidence can greatly harm your organization’s reputation and affect your bottom line.

    In this environment, it is the responsibility of healthcare providers’ boards of directors (BoD) to guide their organizations’ cyber security efforts through informed decision making. This means that BoDs should be aware of the types and amount of data it possesses, security controls surrounding this data, risks facing the organization, and cyber security trends within the healthcare industry.

  • Cloud security without borders

    The cloud's growing prevalence is drastically changing the way we do business and conduct our daily lives. As the digital exchange of business and personal information increases, data security and privacy have become an acute problem that we must address.

    In this podcast recorded at Black Hat USA 2015, Philippe Courtot, Chairman and CEO at Qualys, illustrates the mind shift we must make to better address these challenges and highlights new approaches for ensuring data security and privacy.

  • Dealing with a difficult data legacy

    Customer call recording and storage is now standard practice across a variety of industries, as well as a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requirement in many cases. But these ‘legacy’ call recordings regularly contain sensitive payment and personal data that must be (but often isn’t) properly safeguarded.

  • Risk Fabric: Automated predictive security analytics platform

    In this podcast recorded at Black Hat USA 2015, Anil Nandigam, Senior Director Product Marketing at Bay Dynamics, talks about Risk Fabric, an automated predictive security analytics platform that works with existing enterprise security systems to protect organizations from threats.

  • Revisiting takedown wins: Are users in the developing world getting left behind?

    We have all seen the headlines: another botnet dismantled, and we can all rest easy that the threat that has been plaguing us for all those years is now no longer an issue. After the headlines, however, the hardest task begins – a task that garners no headlines and really typifies the challenge that all of us within the information security industry face.

  • Getting better results from threat intelligence analysis and management

    LookingGlass have been in the threat intelligence analysis and management market for 10 years now, and have a proven track record in the space.

    In this podcast recorded at Black Hat USA 2015, Allan Thomson, CTO at LookingGlass, discusses the changing threat landscape, the quality, relevance, and usability of threat intelligence data, as well as the ScoutVision 5 solution.

  • Cloud security: Integrated global CDN with DDoS mitigation and WAF

    In this podcast recorded at Black Hat USA 2015, John McIlwain, Director of Product Management will discuss CDNetworks’ newly launched Cloud Security solution - CDN fully integrated with intelligent, next generation, behavioral WAF technology and DDoS mitigation.

  • Defending the enterprise in an increasingly complex environment

    Technology has transformed the way organisations work and its evolution is now faster than ever before. The promise of IT transformation presents many opportunities for businesses, but the number of options IT departments face can be daunting. As technology continues to push boundaries, firms must take steps to reduce the possibility of dangerous cyber-attacks that the ever-increasing threat landscape presents.

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Best practices for ensuring compliance in the age of cloud computing

Here are the major considerations organizations should incorporate into their compliance programs, as well as pitfalls that can be avoided to ensure businesses stay compliant while using cloud computing.

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