• Exploring the mobile security landscape

    In this interview, Adam Ely, COO of Bluebox, discusses the most significant mobile security challenges for enterprise security professionals, illustrates how BYOD is shaping the enterprise mobile security landscape, and offers advice for CISOs trying to protect data confidentiality and integrity while working with an increasingly mobile workforce.

  • Why IAM will be worth over $10 billion by 2018

    Enterprises are increasing their investment in Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. According to research firm MarketsandMarkets, the IAM Market is expected to grow 15.1% over the five years from 2013 to 2018. IAM isnít new, so whatís driving adoption?

  • The building blocks of a successful authentication infrastructure

    In this interview, Josh Alexander, CEO of Toopher, discusses how an increasingly mobile workforce shapes the way an organization deals with authentication issues, provides advice to a CISO with the task of upgrading an outdated authentication infrastructure, and much more.

  • Wireless security risks and defenses

    In this interview, Kent Lawson, CEO of Private WiFi, talks about the key threats exposed by wireless access, offers protection advice and illustrates the trends that will shape wireless security in the future.

  • How to build trust between business and IT

    One of the biggest challenges we face with securing our networks and systems is that many businesses view cyber security as an IT problem and not a business problem. However, when you consider how dependent businesses are on IT and, more importantly, on the information on those systems, itís obvious that businesses need to realize cyber security really is a business issue. As information security professionals we need to realize that helping business leaders understand the threats posed by cyber security is a challenge that we need to face in order to keep our systems secure.

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Intentional backdoors in iOS devices uncovered

Posted on 22 July 2014.  |  A researcher has revealed that Apple has equipped its mobile iOS with several undocumented features that can be used by attackers and law enforcement to access the sensitive data contained on the devices running it.

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