• User behavior intelligence in the expanding supply chain

    Every business now has a connected ecosystem of partners; even the Department of Defense has a chain of suppliers connected by Internet access. Unfortunately, not all of these businesses are at the same level of sophistication when it comes to their security posture.

  • How the threat landscape is shaping the network security business

    Pat Calhoun is the Senior Vice President & General Manager, Network Security, at McAfee. In this interview he talks about constructing the strategic direction for McAfee’s Network Security business, he defines the Next Generation Firewall of the future, and much more.

  • Does cyber insurance help the CISO get a seat in the boardroom?

    CISOs and cyber security leaders have long struggled to gain a voice in the boardroom. Shut out of leadership meetings and strategic decision-making, IT security has often been seen as little more than a compliance-driven, check-the-box initiative that requires minimal continuous effort to maintain. Some CISOs simply serve as scapegoats, accepting blame when breaches occur and ignored when the horizon is clear.

  • Risk assessment benefits, best practices and pitfalls

    Ryan Ward is CISO at Avatier. In this interview, he talks about the overlooked benefits of risk assessment, offers best practices for performing successful risk assessments, outlines the pre-requisites for becoming a risk assessment professional, and more.

  • The evolution of threat detection and Big Data

    Mark Gazit is the CEO of ThetaRay, a specialist in threat detection. In this interview he talks about leveraging Big Data to secure networks, the advantages of using math-based anomaly detection as well as the evolution of threat detection in the past decade.

  • Job description: Infosec Ranger at Pwnie Express

    When I learned that well-known hacker and conference speaker Jayson Street decided to join the Pwnie Express team, I knew this was the perfect time for an interview.

  • Enabling secure file sharing in the enterprise

    As enterprise mobility meets collaboration, the workplace as we know it is transforming. Gone are the days when employees stopped working after leaving the office or disseminated photocopied reports for discussion in a group meeting. Today, information workers are increasingly using mobile devices as portable desktops to support what is fast becoming a 24x7, “work wherever, whenever” preference. While this flexibility boosts productivity, it also leads to increased security risks.

  • The most unpopular person in the room

    That’s me. At least I was the week I wrote this. I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at a number of conferences that were not solely related to security. Firstly it was absolutely fascinating to learn about how organizations are innovating within the Internet of Things. From the deployment of billions of connected sensors into our everyday life, to connected wigs, and mining onto comets, our future looks exciting.

  • Shaping mobile security

    Most of us are familiar with the ‘triangle’ project management model, which highlights the constraints on delivering results in projects. The three corners of the triangle are fast, good and cheap, showing that in any given project, all three attributes cannot be optimized: one will inevitably be compromised to maximize the other two. You can have a good project delivered quickly, but not cheaply, and so on.

  • Infosec industry: Time to put up or shut up

    The information security industry is one of the most exciting industries to be involved in. It offers many opportunities to exercise one’s passion and curiosity about technology and address the challenges of keeping that technology secure. The endless technological innovations and the rapid adoption of technology by business, consumers, and society makes our daily lives increasingly dependent on technology. This means that we, as an industry, need to rapidly address the challenges this technology revolution brings, and make sure that these new solutions are as secure as possible.

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New Zeus variant targets users of 150 banks

Posted on 19 December 2014.  |  A new variant of the infamous Zeus banking and information-stealing Trojan has been created to target the users of over 150 different banks and 20 payment systems in 15 countries, including the UK, the US, Russia, Spain and Japan.

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