• How to get better at web application security

    Robert Hansen, Vice President of WhiteHat Security Labs, has more than 20 years of web application and browser security experience. In this interview he discusses the evolution of web application security, offers advice on how to improve web application security practices, recommends tools, and more.

  • Cloud security: Essential yet complicated

    In this interview, Ron Zalkind, CTO and co-founder of CloudLock, talks about the top cloud security threats, illustrates how the power of the cloud can influence the agility of a modern security architecture, explains the main difficulties associated with implementing security policies in both public and private clouds, and more.

  • Global black markets and the underground economy

    Adam Tyler is the Chief Innovative Officer at CSID. In this interview he discusses global black markets, what type of information is most valuable for cybercriminals, modern malware, and much more.

  • Securing the smart grid: European Network of Cyber Security

    Dr. Klaus Kursawe is the Chief Scientist at the European Network of Cyber Security (ENCS), where he is leading the research and development activities for critical infrastructure security. In this interview he talks about the challenges related to smart grid security.

  • Crowdsourcing your bug bounty program

    In this interview, David Levin, Director of Information Security at Western Union, talks about crowdsourcing their bug bounty program and the lessons learned along the way.


Proactive real-time security intelligence: Moving beyond conventional SIEM

Discussions about security intelligence still focus primarily around conventional reactive SIEM. Security pros need to move from this reactive model to proactively using this security intelligence to protect their businesses.

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