• Video: RSA Conference 2014 showcase

    The world’s top information security professionals and business leaders gathered in San Francisco for RSA Conference 2014. Here's a closer look at the show.

  • How big data is transforming information security

    In this video recorded at Hack In The Box 2013 Amsterdam, Eddie Schwartz, CSO at RSA, The Security Division of EMC, discusses the impact of big data on information security. He talks about security management, fraud, identity management, governance, risk and compliance.

  • Hacking charge stations for electric cars

    In this video recorded at Hack In The Box 2013 Amsterdam, Ofer Shezaf, founder of OWASP Israel, talks about what charge stations really are, why they have to be ‘smart’ and the potential risks created to the grid, to the car and most importantly to its owner’s privacy and safety.

  • The importance of secure coding

    Jim Manico is the VP of Security Architecture for WhiteHat Security. In this video recorded at Hack In The Box 2013 Amsterdam, Manico illustrates the importance of secure coding and talks about various issues. It is a video particularly aimed at beginners.

  • A closer look at Hack In The Box 2013 Amsterdam

    Here's a look at Hack In The Box 2013 Amsterdam, that took place at the Okura Hotel on April 10-11.


Attackers use reflection techniques for larger DDoS attacks

Posted on 17 April 2014.  |  Instead of using a network of zombie computers, newer DDoS toolkits abuse Internet protocols that are available on open or vulnerable servers and devices. This approach can lead to the Internet becoming a ready-to-use botnet for malicious actors.

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