Hackers convened in Amsterdam for Black Hat Europe
by HNS Staff - Wednesday, 4 April 2007.

Last week an impressive crowd of security professionals, high profile speakers, hackers as well as incognito individuals going only by their first name, gathered at the Moevenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre in the Netherlands to attend one of the most important security events in the world - Black Hat Briefings & Training Europe.

The most intensive part of Black Hat is certainly the training and new for this year were Metasploit 3.0 Internals (by Matt Miller, aka skape), Web Application (In)security (by NGS Software) and Live Digital Investigation -Investigating the Enterprise (by WetStone Technologies).

The Briefings were filled with fascinating presentations covering a variety of topics, here are some of them:

A variety of IT companies watch closely the materials presented at Black Hat as they are always very cutting-edge and sometimes present holes in very popular software and operating systems.

This year, a plethora of attention was focued towards Nitin Kumar and Vipin Kumar that presented "Vboot Kit: Compromising Windows Vista Security". They got an invitation to dinner from Microsoft and we could see they were very excited about it. After all, they came from India to get a job in the industry.

Under the microscope were Dror-John Roecher and Michael Thumann since they spoke about Cisco in their "NACATTACK" presentation. Cisco wasn't tearing up conference material and we learned that they just had a pleasant conversation with the authors. Some change from the 2005 incident with Michael Lynn from ISS where Cisco acted like a bully. Lessons learned!

For all of you that are eager to get more knowledge I suggest you the material that was presented at Black Hat. Keep in mind that it does require quite a bit of advanced knowledge.


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