Computer Security Today: A Report From The Infosecurity Europe 2006 Press Conference
by Mirko Zorz - HNS Chief Editor - Thursday, 2 February 2006.
Paul Galwas, Director of Product Management at nCipher talked about the importance of administration and user provisioning. We were introduced to a number of examples where data security made headlines. Mr. Galwas thinks there is a need for wider access but with tighter control, which is a critical balance to manage. Itís a critical and enterprise-wide issue to encrypt and therefore protect the integrity and confidentiality of data.

Andrew Lockhart, Senior Marketing Director at Postini, introduced their 2006 Message Security and Management Annual Report that provides a review of key electronic messaging statistics, events and trends for the 2005 calendar year from a worldwide perspective. What you realize when listening to this presentation is tha the virus problem is not something about what you can be complacent. An example of this comes from Postini that typically quarantines 50 million virus-infected messages per month. The Sober virus generated a 1500% increase in virus-infected traffic in just one week for them. Another big problem is IM security since attacks have increased by 1700% and if youíre wondering where most of the spam goes, itís the US.

John Steward, CEO of Signify, differentiated his presentation from the rest of the companies by saying something you donít hear at press conferences: ďNot everyone needs this.Ē He didnít emphasize compliance problems but rather focused on the users and the problems associated with implementing new technologies in an organization. A refreshing approach that makes you think about how an implementation affects your users.

Dr. Peter Berlich from the (ISC)2 European Advisory Board discussed the changing role of the security professional. (ISC)2 are the global leaders when it comes to certification and they have 40,000 certified individuals in 120 countries. Since security is becoming a top concern there naturally more need to certify your employees.

Trevor Dearing, Enterprise Voice Portfolio Specialist at Juniper Networks tackled the issue of VoIP security for the enterprise and the connected threats, issues and ramifications. According to Mr. Dearing, VoIP is a new challenge. More mobility and application integration mean more productivity but also new threats: external hacking and protocol attacks.


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