A Simple Guide to Securing USB Memory Sticks
by William Lynch - Senior Consultant for CTG's Information Security Services Practice - Wednesday, 2 February 2005.

A progress bar will be displayed while the Cryptainer volume is created.

As a security feature, Cryptainer will not automatically remember any encrypted volumes other than the primary volume. This prevents others who access the Cryptainer program from determining where the potential disks may reside. A message box will display a reminder of this.

Once the drive is created, a prompt is displayed indicating that the new volume is available within explorer until it is unloaded.

The Cryptainer console will also indicate that newly created drive has been mounted.

The drive is also available for use from Windows explorer, just like any other volume.

Examining the USB memory stick shows that a 25 MB file has been created with the filename given in the initial prompt.

Unloading the drive using the “Unload” button causes the Cryptainer console to change to the following:

Clicking on “Load” will prompt to reload the newly created volume. The password used when creating the volume is required to reload it.

Loading an Encrypted Disk on Another Computer

How can the newly created volume be accessed if it is moved to a computer without Cryptainer LE installed? Cypherix provides the “Cryptainer Mobile” version specifically for this purpose. Cryptainer Mobile is scaled down version of Cryptainer LE which can be copied to the USB memory stick and run from there without needing to be installed. To enable the Cryptainer Mobile functionality, choose “Install Cryptainer Mobile” from the Tools menu.

Cryptainer will prompt for the location of theUSB memory stick.

A prompt indicates that Cryptainer has been successfully installed and that Cryptainer LE needs to be shut down before running Cryptainer Mobile, which can be accomplished by clicking the “Shutdown and Exit” button.


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