The Role Of Email Security In Meeting Regulatory Requirements
by Mark Sunner - CTO Message Labs - Thursday, 27 January 2005.
Comprehensive email management and security solutions have a vital role to play in meeting regulatory requirements. As a basic rule, companies are advised to make sure that they seek proper protection from viruses and other malicious content. They must also ensure that they have taken reasonable measures to defend personal information relating to customers and employees.

One of the most effective ways of achieving this is to use a proactive Internet level service to foster a safer working environment, offering protection against previously unknown security attacks and breaches of confidentiality. A managed service can also help companies to adhere to regulatory requirements relating to archiving, storage, back up and retrieval.

Any organisation facing regulatory compliance, a growing number, must do a cost/risk equation. There is no doubt that it is expensive to comply both in terms of hard cash and man hours. This is another reason why many companies are turning to a managed email security service, as it offers a predictable monthly expenditure which can be easily planned for.

Ultimately much of the successful management of IT compliance lies in the effectiveness of the business processes and monitoring systems put in place. But just as prevention is better than cure, ensuring that proper email security measures are activated and maintained can go a long way to easing the burden of complying with regulations now and in the future.


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