Security in an ERP World
by Mark Van Holsbeck, Director of Enterprise Network Security for Avery-Dennison and Jeffrey Z. Johnson, Vice President of Solutions & Services for Oversight Technologies. - Monday, 24 May 2004.
According to Matthew Kovar at Yankee Group, the 'inside threat' causes the greatest real losses in corporations and governments today. "Detecting inappropriate application activity committed by authorized users represents the 'next frontier' in information security."

After recognizing the significant business risks and inadequacies of relying upon the built-in controls of business applications, leading businesses and government organizations are now deploying continuous transaction and incident monitoring to detect, prevent and deter financial loss from systems-based fraud, misuse and errors.

The concept of continuous transaction and incident monitoring goes above simple procedural rules and transaction logs to incorporate advanced analysis to identify irregular transactions and determine if the transaction is indicative of fraud, misuse or error.

The benefits of continuous transaction and incident monitoring are clear. First, this type of transaction monitoring establishes a business environment that deters employees and other insiders from committing business hacks. Continuous transaction and incident monitoring then augments the internal controls. Even if procedural rules are not 100 percent maintained or employees learn to game the system, risk managers are satisfied with a solution that keeps pace with real-time business transactions. Finally, continuous transaction and incident monitoring acts as the ultimate layer of security from outsiders who penetrate the network as authorized users.


101,000 US taxpayers affected by automated attack on IRS app

The IRS has revealed more details about an attack it suffered last month, mounted by unknown individuals with the aim to file fraudulent tax returns and funnel the returned money to their own bank accounts.

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