Spam Might Be Your Biggest Headache, But It's Not Your Biggest Threat
by Peter Cox - Vice-President of BorderWare Technologies - Thursday, 22 January 2004.
In the real world constant patching is not a practical solution and until recently many organisations have been prepared to take the risk and perform just a limited selection. However, with the time between vulnerabilities being announced to when they are exploited becoming increasingly shorter, the risks of not patching are becoming higher. Companies need to realise that email is too mission-critical to be afforded only limited protection and should start examining and evaluating their entire email security infrastructure.

What they will find is that many of the technologies they have implemented along the way are just stop-gaps, something that has worked well for the interim period, but now that they need to ensure sophisticated routing and delivery, provide users with remote access and still remain secure, these solutions are not enough. Spam may be hitting the headlines, but it is only part of the problem, there are many more issues impacting email that need to be addressed.

Email security is a complex problem that can only realistically be addressed with a specialist product. If the stability of the company's email flow rests in your hands, move on from spam, look at the bigger issues and save your bacon.

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What's the real cost of a security breach?

The majority of business decision makers admit that their organisation will suffer an information security breach and that the cost of recovery could start from around $1 million.

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