Remote Hot Spot - The Market For SSL VPNs Catches Fire
by Jan Vekemans - Managing Director of Netilla Networks Europe Ltd - Tuesday, 9 December 2003.
SSL VPNS offer:
  • Fast access
  • They are easy to use
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Simple and quick to deploy, yet, most importantly, are
  • Highly secure, offering 128-bit encrypted access to remote workers
  • Costs up to 40% lower than previously available VPN remote access technology
  • Simple support issues can take just 5 minutes to cure, not two hours to endure.
  • Ability to safeguard access to the business network for all employees, not just remote workers
Still need convincing as to the value of SSL VPNs? Then here are another 10 good reasons why the SSL VPNs market is so hot and a solution that will soon become a firm and established part of our everyday working lives.

1. The technology is available now, it works, and is easy to deploy

2. Businesses need secure remote access

3. Analysts have recognised SSL VPNs' market value

4. Key vendors are jockeying to guarantee their future

5. It can help secure an organization's entire enterprise, not just mobile users

6. Services such as coffee shops see themselves supporting mobile customers

6. Employers know time spent commuting is wasted time

7. Employees want work to suit their own commitments

8. Remote working has Government support through legislation

9. Widespread, cheaper Broadband access is now available

10. The need for corporate data security never goes away

Mobile-enabled workers are the future, and SSL VPN networks offer them a secure, straight, simple access route to their data. With a majority of companies still looking to gain a key, competitive edge by empowering their workers, but with security still a management worry, you can expect the SSL VPN market to continue to bubble: for remote users, SSL VPN vendors, and investors alike.


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