December brings hackers to Malaysia
by Mirko Zorz - Friday, 24 October 2003.
As the organizers note, the main aim of the Hack In The Box Security Conference 2003 is the dissemination, discussion and sharing of network security information. It's going to be held from December 12th to 14th in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and registration is now open.

The list of speakers is quite interesting and is alone worth the visit to the conference, some of them are:
  • The Last Stage of Delirium Group
  • Shreeraj Shah - Director of Net-Square Solutions
  • Nitesh Dhanjani - Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young
  • HD Moore - Principal Architect at Digital Defense Inc.
This is, of course, not all. The organizers prepared the popular Capture the Flag game and a new addition to this game - OpenHack. When participating in OpenHack you have two targets: A fully secured and fully patched Microsoft Windows machine either running NT or 2000, and a fully secured and patched *nix machine (distribution to be determined). The goal is to hack into the servers. A bonus is the fact that participation is free so it's bound to gather a large set of skillfull people.

During the entire conference you'll be able to visit the technology exhibition and showcase, attendance to which is also free.

For all additional information I invite you to take a look at the official conference page where you can find directions on getting to the venue, answers to some frequently asked questions, details on the speakers and their papers, and much more.


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