St. Bernard Announces E-mail Filtering Appliance
by Berislav Kucan - Wednesday, 27 August 2003
San Diego based St. Bernard Software Inc., announced ePrism Mail Filter - their new e-mail filtering appliance featuring a full combo of e-mail security, spam protection, anti-virus scanning and content control.

This high performance appliance utilizes technology from BorderWare Technologies, Inc., including a hardened operating system that enables ePrism to perform intense security processing and robust spam filtering technology. Kaspersky Labs’ award-winning anti-virus technology is presented as an option. ePrism is offered in three models starting at $6,000.

ePrism Feature Summary:
  • Spam Protection – ePrism implements a balanced combination of RBL (lists of known spammers), DCC (a service that identifies bulk mail), and STA (advanced self-learning lexical analysis) together with flexible local white and blacklisting.
  • Content Filtering – ePrism implements attachment controls and content filtering. Content controls help prevent breaches of confidentiality, reduce legal liability from offensive content and safeguard company resources from personal use.
  • Message Integrity – ePrism ensures that only correctly formatted messages are allowed to enter mail systems. Malformed messages allow viruses to avoid detection, crash systems and lock up mail servers. Message integrity checking also protects mail servers and mail clients and improves the effectiveness of existing virus scanning implementations.
  • Virus Scanning - Virus scanning can be enabled using Kaspersky Lab's anti-virus technology as a cost-option. Automatic hourly updates ensure the latest viruses are caught. ePrism's high performance virus scanning can provide a vital layer of protection across an organization.
ePrism Mail Filter


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