Interview with Dave Wreski, Founder and CEO of Guardian Digital
by Mirko Zorz - Wednesday, 21 May 2003.
Simply put, security and ease of management. Within fifteen minutes of having EnGarde installed, an administrator can configure the server to support Web, DNS, email, FTP, and other common "edge" services suitable for a corporate Internet presence.

The best part is that they need not be concerned about the proper syntax for an OpenSSL command to create their CSR for a digital certificate, worry whether their email system is relaying mail for spammers, or if someone is using their FTP space for distributing illegal software.

Security and ease of management are pervasive throughout its design. Protection from trojan horse attacks, buffer overflows, and unauthorized access issues have all been addressed using EnGarde, and require no user intervention to implement.

Introduce your Internet Defense and Detection System.

Internet Defense and Detection System (IDDS) provides a comprehensive system for detecting and analyzing network traffic for suspicious or possibly damaging activity. Sophisticated data correlation abilities, regularly updated intrusion signatures, combined with real-time event reporting provide the information necessary to defend networked systems on the volatile Internet.

At its core is the snort network intrusion detection system, combined with a management interface, support, signature updates, and other services provided by Guardian Digital.

Sophisticated graphs and reports detail all network activity by date, protocol, and analysis of attacks based on their severity provide administrators key information necessary to protect their networks.

Combined with LIDS, providing mandatory access control to prevent system processes from accessing unauthorized resources, and Tripwire to monitor file changes, Guardian Digital IDDS is a powerful and effective network intrusion detection system.

What developments does Guardian Digital envisage for the future?

Guardian Digital will continue to develop highly-secure, modular, scalable, and feature-rich Internet solutions for business. We are devoted to using the revolutionary open source development process, resulting in secure open source solutions designed to meet the business requirement of securely operating on the Internet today.

Our goal is to provide the tools and techniques needed to run an efficient and secure system on the Internet. This includes initial deployment, configuration, as well as maintaining the level of security necessary to continue to provide assurance that your online assets will remain secure.


Pen-testing drone searches for unsecured devices

You're sitting in an office, and you send a print job to the main office printer. You see or hear a drone flying outside your window. Next thing you know, the printer buzzes to life and, after spitting out your print job, it continues to work and presents you with more filled pages than you expected.

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