Commentary on Microsoft .NET Passport Vulnerability BugTraq Disclosure
by Berislav Kucan - 10 May 2003
Qazi Ahmed from PakCERT sent us a commentary on the Microsoft .NET Passport vulnerability announced yesterday on several security lists:

"This is to clearify the issue that we at PakCERT found TWO .Net Passport vulnerabilities and we were the first to discover them (only one vulnerability was discussed in mailing lists) and took it to local press here in Pakistan. We even notified Microsoft a long time back through email ( about the two vulnerabilities but recieved no response and later decided to release an advisory WITHOUT technical information (as exploit method was not public then). We arranged a press conference at 8th of May and the invitation for the press conference

were sent to the media on 5th May.

The guy Faisal came to knew about this advisory and released the vulnerability with exploit and now everybody is crediting him for the vulnerability which we discovered and made public even before him. The advisory and press conference details were on local televisions and print media."

We mirrored both vulnerabilitiy posts so here they are:

+ PakCERT's advisory:

+ Faisal's BugTraq post:


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