Web Seminar on FIRE Forensic Linux Environment
by Berislav Kucan - Monday, 5 May 2003.
This Wednesday, May 7th at 1pm EDT (1700 UTC), SANS is hosting a web seminar titled "5 Ways to FIRE up Your Incident Response and Forensic Environment".

Webcast attendees will review the capabilities and features offered by the trusted execution environment of the FIRE bootable cdrom, which can provide:

A full graphical Linux environment running solely from a combination of cdrom and ramdisk for forensic image acquisition, performing forensic analysis of acquired images or to get down and dirty with data recovery/analysis of local media on target hosts without requiring the overhead of time involved in acquiring media images when results are needed fast, while maintaining the integrity of target media.

First responder reports from target hosts via static binaries and IR report generation scripts for Win32, Linux and sparc Solaris. Other OS static binaries and report generation in the works.

- Offline Virus scanning of filesystems.

- A safe environment to perform Reverse engineering malware analysis.

- A bang up Penetration testing and Vulnerability assessment platform.

- A great no risk environment offering an introduction to Linux.

Free registration is available at http://www.sans.org/webcasts/050703.php.


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