Reactivity XML Firewall Tackles Costs of Securing XML
by Berislav Kucan - Thursday, 27 March 2003.
Reactivity, Inc. recently introduced Reactivity XML Firewall, a network security appliance designed to protect new-generation applications, while tackling the operating costs of securing XML and Web services. Organizations worldwide are realizing the importance of securing XML, so Reactivity tries to address these issues with a standard-based security appliance, that deploys rapidly and integrates easily with the existing infrastructure.

The Reactivity XML Firewall acts as an XML proxy and performs functions like authentication, authorization, auditing, XML validation and routing to secure the message flow. The firewall comes installed and configured in a single, rack-mountable package containing dual Intel Pentium processors, 2GB RAM, 30GB RAID storage and dual Ethernet interfaces, along with a hardened operating system.

Leon Baranovsky, vice president of marketing at Reactivity said: "The Reactivity XML Firewall is the first product of its kind to fully address all the security and operating issues confronting businesses which are rolling out a new generation of XML and Web services applications. Based upon our experience with customers and their feedback on our initial Reactivity Service Firewall software product, we are now able to offer a rock solid XML security appliance an enterprise can quickly drop into their existing infrastructure, easily maintain and tailor to their needs, while achieving the lowest total cost of ownership."

Reactivity supports industry standards, implementing three additional specifications in the Reactivity XML Firewall -- XML Signatures, XML Encryption and AS2.


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