Spam Checklist - April Fool's Day is Approaching
by Berislav Kucan - Thursday, 27 March 2003.
As April Fool's day is less then a week away, filtering company Clearswift is advising organizations to take great care of spam emails that traditionally use this day as a "firestarter". Below you can find a simple checklist connected to spam prevention.

Block offenders
  • Blacklist services hold information about currently reported spam servers and known offenders.
  • IT managers should block servers and IP addresses that have previously sent spam.
Find out if the sender is "real"
  • Verify that emails are sent from valid domains.
  • Verify that the "sender" is able to receive real email, as spammers do not wish to receive returned mail.
Learn the "style" of messages
  • Reject messages with large numbers of recipients in the "to" field, as they are likely to be spam.
  • Use content analysis to filter out emails containing typical spam topics such as dieting advice or loan offers.
  • Incorporate predefined spam expression lists, such as "Lose pounds!," into content analysis engines.
  • Deploy content analysis across a wide variety of languages, as spammers exist across the globe.
Prevent your site from being used to spam
  • Protect yourself from spammers who bounce their emails around other organizations' servers in order to conceal their identity.
Prevent malicious spam
    Spam Checklist as April Fool's Day is ApproachingProtect yourself from email flooding designed to overload and crash the server.


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