SafeNet Announces Newest Version of SoftRemote VPN Product
by Berislav Kucan - Monday, 24 March 2003.
SafeNet, Inc., announced the availability of the latest version of its VPN client software SoftRemote. 10.0 release of SoftRemote supports the latest IETF Network Address Translation Traversal (NAT-T) Draft which enhances the ability of IPSec sessions to transit IPSec-aware NAT devices. Some of the new key features include support for AES algorithm, policy protection and integrity checking with PKCS5 password-based encryption.

Anthony Caputo, Chairman, and CEO of SafeNet said: "While we strive to emerge with leading edge products and technology for all markets, we owe it to our customers to continue to improve and enhance our standard products such as SoftRemote. SoftRemote set the industry standard for VPN client software and we must remain on top of this trend and continue to lead it with enhancements that meet the latest industry standards for security"

SafeNet's SoftRemote is built on technology that is already used by industry leaders including Cisco, Worldcom, NEC America, Watchguard, Secure Computing, 3Com, and NetScreen. More information can be found on company's web site, located at:


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